Sunday, 28 August 2011


All of us at RTRFM would like to thank you for subscribing during the last ten days of Radiothon madness.  From the staff, presenters and volunteers the week is only possible with your help.

We can now get back to normal programming and go back to the station that you love so much.

We have exceeded what we expected and that is solely due to you our listener and our supporters.

If you have not paid for you subscription, you have until the 10th of October to do so. To help, the office will be open till 6pm weekdays and open 11am-3pm on Saturdays. You can also call on 9260 9200.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Rok and/or Roll - [Not really, electronic music mostly]

Rok Riley wearing her sunglasses indoors, presumably because her radiance is so immense that even bouncing off the walls it could blind a woman. Obviously her guests need even greater eye protection, because to gaze on Ms Riley directly would have tears of bubbling pitch streaming down your face. Now, by rights her guests should be wearing welding goggles propper, but let it not be said that the full frequency mob will allow their coolness to falter for even a second, even when faced with the prospect of severe ocular damage.

Pollie Love In - Opposition Styles

For the final Morning Mag of the radiothon we pulled out the big guns and got the second most powerful figure in West Australian politics, leader of the opposition - Eric Ripper. 

Do not think, for a single second however, that Mr Ripper was the only morsel on the Morning Mag plate, we also had the smorgas board that is merely half of Eagle and the Worm platoon, Jarrad on guitar, Liam on trumpet [hiding behind out monitors], Emily on trombone and Ross on the Sax.

What's that I hear you ponder? How could Bren possibly have had more on his plate? Well obviously he had friday resident sexologist Dr Gareth Merriman

Morning Mag might be over for Radiothon, but that's no reason to not keep the subscriptions coming in, we run through until Sunday folks!


Breakfast Power! [Fin]

The final breakfast for Radiothon went off like preservative free food left in the sun. Pete was joined by a rich swathe of  guests - musical and otherwise - including Tristan Fidler and Simon Morado from movie squad.

Tristan, in addition to being hilarious, is also a talented artist [who knew right?] and rendered this uncanny likeness of our intrepid breakfast presenter.

Zoe and Adam From Emperors here belting out a tune.

As well as Kav and Joel from Eskimo Joe, who spoke [among a plethora of other topics] on selling out.

Breakfast might be done for radiothon, but you still have until midday on Sunday to subscribe!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Umm... It's Radiothon Thursday?!

Here at Radiothon Homebase we're working our volunteer assistants so hard that they don't even have time to wittily update the blog. So, over to the not-so-clever staff to come up with something...

The day kicked off nicely on Breakfast with Barr with the local likes of smRts and The Chemist. Plus the one and only JR The Weather Man live in the studio!

Then on Morning Mag it was the girls (three) hour of power as Caitlin Nienaber and Hilary Smale teamed up to chat with Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and Greens MLC Giz Watson...

Out to Lunch brought in a bevy of local music stalwarts as Cutter reeled in the subscribers with the likes of Bob Gordon and Joey K...

and Luke "Rinners" Rinaldi...

Meanwhile the phone room was kept super busy, giving away heaps of prizes, all kindly sustained by Grill'd Burgers.

And RIGHT NOW, Declan and Ben M are in the studio bringing you some awesome tunes, so call up and subscribe to Full Frequency - 9260 9210. There's some awesome prizes up for grabs too!

Finally, the Radiothon Photo Booth made it home after a big night out at the Opening Party on Saturday.

Adam Trainer and Peter Barr Got On Board...

As did The Whipcracker and Chris Wheeldon...

... and you can too! Pop in to the station, come say hi, get your photo taken and SUBSCRIBE!

(08) 9260 9210


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday RTR Fun

Here's your daily fix of photos from all around the station during RTRFM's Radiothon!

We'll start with yesterday's edition of Drivetime, presented by Ryan Sandilands and visited by Chris Wheeldon and Simon Pigliardo.

Before that was Full Frequency brought to you by this handsome cast of characters:

Breakfast with Barr saw guests from Umpire and the Leap Year:

Here's some shots from today's Morning Mag with Ben Ainslie:

And here you can view some of our wonderful rotating cast of volunteers in the phone room:

Stay posted for more photo updates!

Subscribe now on 9260 9210! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Old Boys Out To Lunch Tuesday Spectacular

A shot too good not to share, former RTRFM music director, and currently Thursday's Out to Lunch presenter Dave Cutbush, guesting with Office Manager Chris Wheeldon on current RTRFM music director Adam Trainer's Tuesday Out to Lunch.

Peter Barr was involved in this old fella palaver via the magic of technology over in the phone room too.

But it's not just RTRFM institutions mixing it up on today's Out to Lunch, Usurper of Modern Medicine popped in to have a big of a chin wag as well.

Gulls came in to show their love for RTR:

And then Tristan Fiddler also came in to visit Mr Trainer:

The tastiest new music, local or otherwise, every weekday on Out to Lunch. If you want to keep it around, please help us out and subscribe. 9260 9210!


Happy Radiothon Tuesday!

We're almost halfway through Radiothon! Here's a look at what's been going down here at the station:

The phone room has been lively, here's a bunch of our super awesome volunteers:
Here's Peter Barr with Jamie Macdonald this morning on Breakfast:

Jamie then returned to studio for Morning Magazine. Here he is with regular guest Daniel Midgley:

A special thanks goes out to all you who have subscribed today! And if you haven't yet, what are you waiting for? 9260 9210, it's time to Get on Board!

Monday, 22 August 2011

One big, happy, slightly smelly, family

Normally, our radio studios are islands of calm and professionalism, broken up by the guests from time to time.

During radiothon however, this is not the case. [although we're totally still super duper professional]

Unsurprisingly Micah and Ben M are filling the studio with stacks of electronic music gremlins

But Jo Lettenmaier holds the record so far with monday's out to lunch.

Let's hope we don't reach critical mass, eh?


Upon hearing that they'd lost out to Out to Lunch, Full Frequency upped the ante.
7 is the new number to beat.

The Voice of Power

Much like Ursula, the witch octopus from the Little Mermaid, we here at RTR like to collect voices and store them in bottles. 

This is how happy we look when somebody subscribes.

Here is the voice of Byron Bard, local poet and all-around genius, whose voice we stole in order to promote Radiothon:

You can listen to more of Mr Bard's seductive sounds in the "On Air Highlights" tab.

Happy Radiothon!

Studio Action!

Throughout Radiothon, we are joined by a varied cast of guests in the studio...

Here's the Electronic Brains Trust, who bring Ambient Zone to the airwaves every Sunday night:
A big thank you goes to all those who subscribed during Ambient Zone!

Rok Riley was joined by the Assembly Line and Nick from the Paper Plane Project:

And here's Meri Fatin hashing it out with Grant Stone on Morning Magazine this morning:

And there's still plenty more guests where that came from!
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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Radiothon Opening Party

The Bakery was full, the bands were pumping, the DJ's were swinging and the punters were dancing. Can only mean one thing.. Radiothon was officially opened with the traditional opening party.

After hanging in the phone room all day, RTRFM headed down to everyones favourite hang out The Bakery to kick things off with a bang.

Big thanks to all that came down and big thanks to all the artists and the staff of The Bakery.

Check out a review here.

And don't forget Radiothon is still kicking along so subscribe 9260 9210.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Radiothon Day One - Battlestations!

No amount of meticulous planning can adequately prepare for the insanity that is Radiothon.

Day one is always a testing of the battlements, seeing which sections of the wall will hold, and which will be over run by the onslaught of subscribers. Our trebuchets have been tested, our pikemen at the phone room have been tempered in the forge of a run of busy shows, and we [just barely] emerge.

It's the funnest kind of insanity, when the stations numbers swell and you can barely turn around without stumbling into somone hard at work doing something to encourage subscribers. Sometimes it gets so busy we spill over into the street outside.

It's not just behind the scenes that get hectic though, the studios have such an steady flow of guests that the soundproof double doors get left propped wide open. Like when former morning mag presenter Bren McGurk and sexologist Dr Gareth Merryman speak to current Friday Morning Mag Presenter Stacy Gougoulis.

Speaking of sassytimes, check out one of the mad spot prizes we've got for the [engage mental Barry White voice sythesis for the next word] Laaaaaaadies. Sorry girls, our vollie doesn't come with the prize.

Speaking of spot prizes, wanna see how many of them we've got [not that it's a competition or anything, but I bet it's more that you]

What's that I hear you say? "Golly RTRFM, that sure is quite a lot of spot prizes, but I think I might still have more." Well, to you sir/madam [sirdam?] I say the following...

... I wasn't finished.

One of these has a very good chance of landing in your hands for subscribing during the next nine and a half day, not to mention that you then go into the running to win some epic major prizes.

So, even if you don't think subscribing in order to have the warm and fuzzy feeling of moral superiority over others is enough reason to subscribe, rest assured that your cold, calculating, reward driven mind will be well rewarded too.

RTRFM 92.1, covering all the bases.


Hooray Hooray, Radiothon Started Today!

It's finally here, the day we've all been waiting for, the start of RTRFM's Radiothon 2011! 

It all began this morning with a sweet launch at 78 Records, with Peter Barr broadcasting live from 6am to 9am. He was joined by RTR fans, cupcakes and a plethora of guests such as:

Stacey Gougoulis & Davey Craddock rocked us with a cover of Mystery Train...

Andrea Gibbs entertained us with an, er, shall we say, intimate story...

We were joined live by Tristan Fiddler and Simon Miraudo for a special edition of DVD on the Radio:

Following this, we were paid a visit by Injured Ninja who played us an acoustic tune, and told us all about the amazing prize you can win by subscribing today, the "Ninja Lunch". What's the Ninja Lunch? Here's a quick description:
And here is Injured Ninja at the launch this morning:

After Injured Ninja's appearance, we were joined by Timothy Nelson and one of his Infidels...
And Peter Barr got in on the back up vocal action:
Gulls joined us next for a sterling (and surprising) cover of Dammit by Blink 182:
Amber from Gulls even wrote us a Radiothon song on her ukulele. In French and everything!
Finally, Jimmy James Eaton split sides with laughter as he joined us for the final part of Breakfast with Barr... Here he is getting all pally wally with Pete:
If the beginning of Radiothon was this good, imagine how awesome the rest of it will be!

Get on board and subscribe!!