Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Awesome Arts Festival- Remix

By Ellie Murray-Yong

The Awesome Arts Festival for Bright Young Things allows the arts into the world of young people.

Artist Minaxi May does this in a different way. She visits remote communities in Western Australia and brings the arts to young country kids.

Youth Reporter Ellie Murray-Yong took us for a trip through the Remix exhibition.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


All of us at RTRFM would like to thank you for subscribing during the last ten days of Radiothon madness.  From the staff, presenters and volunteers the week is only possible with your help.

We can now get back to normal programming and go back to the station that you love so much.

We have exceeded what we expected and that is solely due to you our listener and our supporters.

If you have not paid for you subscription, you have until the 10th of October to do so. To help, the office will be open till 6pm weekdays and open 11am-3pm on Saturdays. You can also call on 9260 9200.

In order to go into the draw for all the amazing prizes then you must pay by this date. Similarly, if you have picked up a spot prize you must grab it by this date. Spot prizes will not be kept beyond this date due to storage limitations.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Rok and/or Roll - [Not really, electronic music mostly]

Rok Riley wearing her sunglasses indoors, presumably because her radiance is so immense that even bouncing off the walls it could blind a woman. Obviously her guests need even greater eye protection, because to gaze on Ms Riley directly would have tears of bubbling pitch streaming down your face. Now, by rights her guests should be wearing welding goggles propper, but let it not be said that the full frequency mob will allow their coolness to falter for even a second, even when faced with the prospect of severe ocular damage.

Pollie Love In - Opposition Styles

For the final Morning Mag of the radiothon we pulled out the big guns and got the second most powerful figure in West Australian politics, leader of the opposition - Eric Ripper. 

Do not think, for a single second however, that Mr Ripper was the only morsel on the Morning Mag plate, we also had the smorgas board that is merely half of Eagle and the Worm platoon, Jarrad on guitar, Liam on trumpet [hiding behind out monitors], Emily on trombone and Ross on the Sax.

What's that I hear you ponder? How could Bren possibly have had more on his plate? Well obviously he had friday resident sexologist Dr Gareth Merriman

Morning Mag might be over for Radiothon, but that's no reason to not keep the subscriptions coming in, we run through until Sunday folks!


Breakfast Power! [Fin]

The final breakfast for Radiothon went off like preservative free food left in the sun. Pete was joined by a rich swathe of  guests - musical and otherwise - including Tristan Fidler and Simon Morado from movie squad.

Tristan, in addition to being hilarious, is also a talented artist [who knew right?] and rendered this uncanny likeness of our intrepid breakfast presenter.

Zoe and Adam From Emperors here belting out a tune.

As well as Kav and Joel from Eskimo Joe, who spoke [among a plethora of other topics] on selling out.

Breakfast might be done for radiothon, but you still have until midday on Sunday to subscribe!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Umm... It's Radiothon Thursday?!

Here at Radiothon Homebase we're working our volunteer assistants so hard that they don't even have time to wittily update the blog. So, over to the not-so-clever staff to come up with something...

The day kicked off nicely on Breakfast with Barr with the local likes of smRts and The Chemist. Plus the one and only JR The Weather Man live in the studio!

Then on Morning Mag it was the girls (three) hour of power as Caitlin Nienaber and Hilary Smale teamed up to chat with Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and Greens MLC Giz Watson...

Out to Lunch brought in a bevy of local music stalwarts as Cutter reeled in the subscribers with the likes of Bob Gordon and Joey K...

and Luke "Rinners" Rinaldi...

Meanwhile the phone room was kept super busy, giving away heaps of prizes, all kindly sustained by Grill'd Burgers.

And RIGHT NOW, Declan and Ben M are in the studio bringing you some awesome tunes, so call up and subscribe to Full Frequency - 9260 9210. There's some awesome prizes up for grabs too!

Finally, the Radiothon Photo Booth made it home after a big night out at the Opening Party on Saturday.

Adam Trainer and Peter Barr Got On Board...

As did The Whipcracker and Chris Wheeldon...

... and you can too! Pop in to the station, come say hi, get your photo taken and SUBSCRIBE!

(08) 9260 9210


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday RTR Fun

Here's your daily fix of photos from all around the station during RTRFM's Radiothon!

We'll start with yesterday's edition of Drivetime, presented by Ryan Sandilands and visited by Chris Wheeldon and Simon Pigliardo.

Before that was Full Frequency brought to you by this handsome cast of characters:

Breakfast with Barr saw guests from Umpire and the Leap Year:

Here's some shots from today's Morning Mag with Ben Ainslie:

And here you can view some of our wonderful rotating cast of volunteers in the phone room:

Stay posted for more photo updates!

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